Brand Story

The sincere purpose: to deliver pure, simple, and effective skincare for real, visible transformation.

EUNSOO is a luxury skincare brand inspired by founder Carmen’s philosophy to provide beauty remedies formulated with uncomplicated yet high performing premium-grade ingredients, to provide the skin with exactly what it needs.

From making the perfect formula for her sensitive skin right from Korea, Carmen’s recipes evolve to restore the skin’s natural regeneration process, with a harmonious fusion of clean, simple and healthy ingredients sourced across Europe, South Pacific and Korea.

The result is nutrient rich skincare collection with proven effectiveness in completely addressing all skin concerns, to deliver healthy, firm, supple and luminous skin.

Her handmade skincare garner loyal followings across the globe, from relatives, neighbors, friends and their immediate circle before an essential decision was made – to officially share the love for EUNSOO, to the World.

Made in Korea, EUNSOO presents a dual functioning skincare range with whitening and anti-aging properties, that works effectively on any skin while delivering relaxation benefits.

The secret to EUNSOO’s perfection lies in its beauty of simplicity; a unison of mixology knowledge and experiences in handpicking fresh botanical ingredients, fruit pulps, seeds, plants and herbs from organic environment, crafted with precise formulation and love.


It's that simple. A Simple Perfection.